Welcome to the Spiritual Studio

A Transference Healing® Room

The Spiritual Studio is a spiritual healing room, specialising in Transference Healing.  The Spiritual Studio offers a variety of Transference Healing sessions, as well as self-healing and empowering workshops and circle of light meditations.


The key to all healing begins, through the gateway of one's heart.  Combine mind, body and soul in an uplifting experience through the use of conversation and energy in a sacred and protective environment.

The spiritual seeker's path is very personal and sacred. It takes courage to start the process of discovering yourself from the center being – Your heart. You have already taken the first step of seeking your answers, simply by coming here. You already own the keys you need to discover the divine being that you are. Your soul is looking to SELF HEAL.

Be clear – this is not about finding you the perfect job, bringing you lots of money, the perfect life, the perfect partner. This is about tapping into your – Higher Self – your Soul Self and empowering you to self-heal and ultimately, commence the journey of self-mastery and ascension.

Transference Healing® is a gift of the Goddess.  What greater gift can you give to yourself?

We know things happen.  Life is difficult and challenging, and we all learn how to cope in different ways.  Often, we act or behave in ways that are habitual – not necessarily good.  This is your most powerful incarnation, through Transference Healing® you will learn new and more effective ways of managing your life and your happiness. Through finding your connection to your higher soul self, you will grow, evolve and ascend – embracing your divinity, from within the gateway of your heart.

My ultimate aim is to empower you with the sacred universal teachings of Transference Healing® enabling you to integrate and implement in your everyday life, so it becomes part of your everyday being and you become self-supportive and soul empowered.  This is what I personally love about Transference Healing®, healing and evolving by the divine consciousness of the Goddess.

You will learn who you are, and how embodying the sacred frequency of Transference Healing® will make every element of your life better – your work, your family life, and your relationships with those around you.   And, the most important relationship, the one with yourself and Spirit – God/Goddess.


Meet Nina Carrozzo

Certified Transference Healing® Practitioner & Advanced Level Teacher.

Heartfelt, energetic, passionate about Transference Healing® and all things spiritual.


I would like to introduce myself simply, as Nina.

As a child, I knew there was more to things, than, what I was being told. With a Catholic upbringing, I just could not understand why Mary, the Mother of Jesus was ‘just a mother’, why Mary Magdalene was portrayed, as a sinner and why a ‘Nun’ was called a Nun?  


During my developing years, I never found the answers to my questions and by the age of 14, I had completely shut down and decided to try and, just fit into this world, that I had been born into. But, the questions and the sense that there was more to the story of creation, never left me.

In November 1999, on a family holiday in Hawaii with the support of my loving husband,  I decided to leave the corporate world and focus on myself and our beautiful family. For three years, I searched for the person I had lost, so many years ago to try and fill the void in my life.

After coming back from a trip to Europe in 2004, which I now, know was a gift from Spirit, I was told by Spirit that I was to learn meditation. This was the commencement of my mystical, spiritual journey.

My journey with Transference Healing began in 2006, when I received my first full Fundamental Transference Healing®. Since then, the magic of Transference Healing has supported and transformed my life. Doorways began to open and I rediscovered the person, I know 'I Am' and began to live my life, from my heart.  For this gift, I will be eternally grateful.

What I have discovered and learnt, I would love to share with you – through this magical journey of Transference Healing® that in doing, and sharing, one receives.  It is the journey of reconnecting back to one’s heart.

My ultimate aim is to give you the personal tools to use in your everyday life, so it becomes part of your everyday being and you become self-supportive, and ultimately, EMPOWERED. This is what I personally love about Transference Healing, it empowers one's soul to shine.

You will learn who you are, and how you need to use the tools to make every element of your life better – your work, your family life, your relationships with those around. And, the most important relationship, the one with yourself and Spirit, the God/Goddess.

Life is a journey of discovery, through the energy of ‘doing’ through the gateway of your heart. 

"I would love to work with you should you feel the calling.  Come journey within and discover!"     

~  Nina Carrozzo



Transference Healing® accredited Practitioner and Teacher (2007).

Transference Healing® accredited Advanced Level Teacher (2019).

Transference Healing® Mystery School Graduate: 

  • Level 1 - Hawaii, 2008.

  • Level 2 - Cyprus, 2011.

  • Level 3 - Italy, 2011.

  • Level 4 - France, 2016.

  • Level 5 - Australia, 2019.

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The mystical, alchemical gift of Transference Healing® is, as you evolve and heal, the sacred energy of Transference evolves with you!

Transference Healing® is a seventh dimensional alchemical frequency healing and ascension process that is advanced, working with your physical, etheric and light body. Transference Healing® unifies all ancient energetic healing modalities that have been gridded on earth, creating an intricate and profoundly universal alchemical healing, that is vital in assisting you to achieve balance and holistic wellness in all aspects of one’s life. Supporting your co-creative spiritual path of ascension into the New Golden Age of Aquarius. 


The KEY to all healing is through the gateway of your sacred heart, simultaneously shifting all planes on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.


The alchemical healing tools utilised in a Transference Healing® include:

  • Colour and sound waves.

  • Crystal frequencies, platonic solids, skulls and wands.

  • The elements (ether, earth, water air, fire).

  • Alchemy symbols, planetary energies, stellar, cosmic and inter-dimensional frequencies.

  • Cosmic and stellar templates.

  • Shamanic healing.

  • Ascended Masters and associated colour rays.

  • Interdimensional, electromagnetic and magnetic frequencies.

  • Gridding procedures.

  • Lemurian and Atlantean technologies.

  • Lightbody and Merkabah technologies.

  • Mystery School teachings.

  • Vibrational Lightbody Kit® essences.


Transference Healing® is an alchemical frequency and ascension modality, which does not require physical contact during a session. As Transference Healing® is a multi-interdimensional frequency and can be received in person, or remotely.


Transference Healing® is suitable for all ages, conditions and illnesses.


Alexis Cartwright is the channel, anchor and founder of Transference Healing®.   For further information on Alexis Cartwright and Transference Healing® please click here



During a healing session, Transference Healing® procedures flow synergistically, together clearing, and realigning your energetic body by balancing masculine and feminine energies, refining the ego, and purifying through clearing karma (this is patterning and wounding from one’s cellular memory). A healing also clears genetic weaknesses from one’s DNA. It heals deep emotional wounding (past and present) enabling you to go deeper into your heart and brings more light into your body, simultaneously anchoring your lightbody (electromagnetic), while on a parallel level continuously shifting one’s consciousness to higher levels.


Sessions lead on from one another and changes occur, giving you the tools and the direction to lead the life you’ve always wanted.  Each healing session will vary and, will evolve and be exactly what you need, at that particular time, supporting you to reach your highest potential of healing, in that moment.

With regular healing sessions, the Transference frequencies enables you to maintain general wellness within your body and consciousness, orchestrating transference shifts and etheric changes within, so that you can continue to evolve and grow.  


The consciousness of the God/Goddess is consistently creating – nothing ever dies – the world, we live in is in a constant state of evolution.  Since 21 December 2012, Mother Earth anchored into the fifth dimension, enabling each one of us to assimilate change and transformation at a more rapid rate.

Everyone's journey is different.  During this time of transition, the recommendation is to receive a Transference Healing® every four to six weeks.  The ultimate aim is to make you self-supportive, so that you can use the sacred tools of Transference Healing to sustain yourself in the radiate light of the Goddess.