The Meaning of the Spiritual Studio Logo!

Updated: May 18, 2020

The design of The Spiritual Studio logo came through when I had just completed Transference Healing® Advance and Teacher Training in 2007.

Bringing it through

I recall setting up in my backyard one Sunday morning and painting the logo as I had seen it. In truth, I was not exactly aware what the logo meaning was at the time of painting it. I just trusted what I was guided to paint.

As time has passed, I come to understand its meaning and how it represents The Spiritual Studio and it’s connection to the ascension modality of Transference Healing®.

The Spiritual Studio logo components are:

  • Alchemy symbol (Head)

  • Heart

  • Infinity symbol (Legs)

  • Snakes (Arms)

  • Colours- White, Black and Red

The Meaning of each of the Components

Alchemy is all about continual co- creative change and transformation enabling the soul to heal and evolve for one’s embodiment of their Higher Self.

Heart represents to healing gateway to one’s soul and spirit.

Infinity symbol represents a souls journey, once birthed, is for eternity. In ancient times, it represented perfection, duality and empowerment.

Snake represents the power of Kundalini, the life force of divine energy (the Holy Spirit) co-creating the healing power from within. Supporting a Soul’s awakening and continuance spiritual growth.

The Colours

Red represents energy, devotion and divine purpose.

White represents truth and purity. What has been created and can been seen. Matter. Consciousness. God .

Black represents the unknown, the potential of what is to come. Anti- Matter. Unconsciousness. Goddess.

The painting hangs on the Studio wall to this day as a reminder to me to follow my heart and trust in the living light of the Goddess and all the she bestows.

And love and gratitude to Alexis Cartwright the channel, anchor and founder of Transference Healing®.

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