Empower yourself to self-heal,

learn & evolve through the sacred

alchemical flame of Transference Healing®.

About The Spiritual Studio

A Transference Healing®Room

Come journey within and discover Transference Healing® and radiate holistic wellness in all aspects of your life.

  • 'Where Spirituality and Creativity are one'.

  • Do ordinary things with extra ordinary LOVE.

  • The alchemy healing comes from the center point of absolute love.

The Spiritual Studio is located in Australia supporting global healing and is dedicated to Transference Healing®.  It is a sacred interdimensional working space, which replenishes your spirit and nourishes your soul.  It is often said that the, 'Studio' is a reflection of 'spirituality in action – it’s all in the doing'. Even clients and graduates are often heard saying, “even the crystals are working the crystals.”

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Invest in yourself the gift of healing

through the doorway of your heart.

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God said, “I am the canvas.” Goddess said, “I am the artist.” And, a beautiful mastership began.


I have been fortunate to have Nina, as my guide and support during some very trying personal and professional times in my life.  During our healings, Nina would bring me calm and peace, and surround me with light and protection. 


Sydney, Australia.

I really want to thank you for our sessions. You helped me immensely realise a lot and you have been a big part of my path.


Toronto, Canada.

Nina's insight and profound wisdom, combined with her warm and engaging approach to Transference Healing, make her a skilled and in-touch healer.


Canberra, Australia.

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Come Journey within at The Spiritual Studio.

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