Teaching my Community

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Being a Transference Healing Teacher is my passion...

Animal Magic

‘’It’s a lot of fun teaching this workshop, seeing the joyous interactions between participants, as they connect with the Animal Magic Divination Cards while giving each other readings really warms my heart.

It is the powerful interdimensional frequencies of the Elemental Kingdoms and the beings, which come through during the workshop, especially, during the Circle of Fire – means everyone receives a profound shamanic healing and they can’t help but, walk out of the studio smiling with delight at the magic they have just experienced.” - Nina.

Child of Light

"What I really love about running the Child of Light Healing on my family, in particular my children is that I do it, as a mother. There are moments in our children's lives where they need that some extra support, while they journey here on earth. I have often, been inspired to begin guiding my children to the positive healing frequencies of the Crystal Kingdom and the art of meditation," – Nina.

Healing with Alchemy

“There is a real sacred ritual gridding energy that comes through when running and teaching Healing with Alchemy. I, particularly, love doing this grid/meditation outdoors, lying on Mother Earth and connecting through to the nurturing elements of nature.” - Nina”

My Tips for Training in Transference Healing:

First step is Fundamental Training.

NEXT Step:

Once you have integrated the Fundamental procedures through continual healing practice on yourself and your loved ones, there will come a divine point in time where you will begin anchoring the cosmic frequencies of the Advanced Level procedures. This will allow you to begin perfecting your electromagnetic field, allowing alchemical changes within the cellular level of your anatomy, co-creating and integrating sixth dimensional frequencies, which facilitates lightbody integration.

As a Fundamental Graduate trained by Nina Carrozzo (qualified Transference Healing® accredited Practitioner, Teacher (2007) and Advanced Level Teacher (2019)) you will be able to continue your transformational journey of self-empowerment and service by stepping into the Advanced Level Training.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Fundamental Training.

  2. Advanced Training.

  3. Animal Magic Workshop.

  4. Child of Light Workshop.

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